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October 27th.

Collectors of Circus trains

Good news for the collectors of circus trains, because the model train makers ROCO will release a new circus wagon. The print on the wagon will be from circus Althoff Jacobi. If you are interested in this wagon from Austria please contact Roco on: 

or Roco homepage

The new wagon from Roco



Circus Krone

Mr. Dalmatine will perform in Circus Krone-Germany in their December and February performances. Mr Dalmatine was a part of Circus Maximum 2002 performance in Sweden and this year it was circus Arnardo in Norway. Los Castillas wil also be a part in the Krone December/February performances with their breathtaking high wire act. Last time we saw Los Castillos in Scandinavia was a few years back in the Bronett produced (Circus Scott) TV production –Circus Massimo. Los Castillos are doing a very difficult 7 man pyramid.



A few days I wrote that Toto Chabri and his Daughter – Martyne Chabri would perform together in Circus D´Hiver Roermond. It is only Toto and his partner David Shiner who will perform in Circus D´Hiver. Martyne are booked for circus Cornelli in Zurich – Switzerland.


October 25th.

Circus Baldoni building new stage.

Circus Baldoni in Denmark are building a new stage. Director René Marvin will lover the stage for a better view. Circus Baldoni don’t use a traditional ring like normal circus but a hydraulic stage. Last season Baldoni bought a new gradin and for the next season it will be a new stage.

Ploppi on the stage with circus Baldoni in 2003 season

Photo by Circus Scandinavia(C).


Toto Chabri

Toto Chabri and his daughter - Matyne will perform in Cirque D´Hiver Roermond in their Christmas performance. Toto is one of the worlds most wanted clowns and his daughter as the clever part of the act. Martyne Chabri will perform with her own musical cloths changing act as she did this year in circus Moira Orfei –Italy. Toto and Martyne has been in Scandinavia many times and they were in a long period with circus Benneweis in Denmark


October 23th.

Foredrag i auditoriet -Avedørelejeren.

Billetter ved indgangen af 50 kr.


Søndag den 26 oktober kl. 13.00 til 14.30


BENNY FJELDSØE : Fra Grønland til Singapore


Startede tidligt i manegen som akrobat i den berømte Trio Findal, som han rejste med over det meste af verden.


Da akrobatvirksomheden blev lagt på hylden sidst i halvfjerdserne viste Benny Fjeldsøe nye sider af sine talenter og fortsatte karrieren som tryllekunstner med stor succes under kunstnernavnet : ” Sir Benny ”. I disse år udviklede ham samtidig sit eventyrligt morsomme ekvilibristiske cykel nummer som skotte på ethjulet cykel.


Udover at være en fremragende artist, er Benny Fjeldsøe kendt for sin humoristiske sans og sin gode talegaver, hvilket har gjort ham meget anvendt indenfor revyer over hele landet - ofte i samarbejde med sin hustru Lone Lau.



Søndag den 9 november kl. 13.00 til 14.30


ERIK CLAUSEN : Fidusens ritual


Cirkus Cassablanca hed filminstruktøren Erik Clausens første spille- film, og det var ikke nogen tilfældighed, bygget som den var på

mange års erfaringer fra ” Clausens og Petersens gadecirkus ”,  som

de to gøglere rejste land og rige rundt med i mange år.


Senere har multikunstneren Erik Clausen beriget os med en lang række spillefilm, sange og sangtekster, malerier, tv-shows, foredrag m.v. alt sammen med vid, humor og engagement. Og det er næppe for meget sagt, at Erik Clausen i dag må  betegnes som vor tids mest frodige og alsidige kunstner.


Søndag den 23 november kl. 13.00 til 14.30


JØRGEN LORENZEN : Rundt om Cirkus


Et spændende møde med den engagerede cirkus entusiast og forfatter, der om legen i mangen siger, at det er med cirkus som

med kærlighed : De kan begge skuffe eller overraske.


Foredraget er tilegnet de mennesker der har viet deres liv til cirkus - de professionelle cirkusfolk, som ikke kunne drømme om nogen anden form for tilværelse - og publikum, der elsker cirkus, og ligesom forfatteren er blevet indfanget af atmosfæren, forestillingen, dramaet, skønheden og eventyret.


                                       October 21th.

Liina Aunola

Liina Aunola the Finish aerial artist will perform in Martin Hanssons winter circus from December the 5th. – February the 1st 2004. Liina has just finished the summer season with the Swedish circus Olympia.


Martin Hansons winter circus

Martin Hansons winter circus celebrates their 25th.anniversary with a very nice program. The tour starts December 5th. And finishes February 1st 2004. Arlette Hanson presents a full circus program in theatres throughout the Netherlands.




director: Arlette Hanson

Duo Wolf perche Czech Republic

Yvonne ponies Germany

Liina Aunola aerial act Finland

Duo Yingling acrobatics China

Armen Asiryants clown Russia

Wolf ladder balance Czech Republic

Popov cat house (various animals) Russia

Puria Mahlouji lions Germany

Andrey’s trampoline Russia

Lu Chenying candles China

Eddy Carello juggler Switzerland

Zhernyakov ikarian Russia

Hilbert Geerling actor Netherlands

International circus orchestra conducted by Coty Teuteberg (Netherlands)

for more information: (will be updated before the end of October)


October 19th.

Duo Victoria and Vicky and the Cats

Duo Victoria and Vicky and the cats will perform in circus Wictoria in the 2004 summer tour. It´s the 3rd. year in a row that they will perform in Sweden. Vicky became famous in Denmark when she was involved in the documentary made by the Danish television, because one of her cats ran away from Circus Dannebrog. Duo Victoria works at the moment with new dogs instead of their puddle show and tells circus Scandinavia that puddles aren’t so popular anymore and instead they have bought some lovely hairless Chinese dogs, white Boxer and a Dalmatine that they will have ready for the next season. Duo Victoria have been in Scandinavia many times the last ten years – Circus Agora 1992 and 1998 – Norway. – Circus Arli 1993 – Denmark. – Circus Wictoria 1994,1997, 2002 and 2003 – Sweden. – Circus Dannebrog 1999 and 2000.

This winter they will perform in Gala shows in France and Christmas show in Passau

Duo Victorian and Vicky and the cats have a web page and the page will be added in a few days on the link page.

Two of duo Victorias lovely hairless dogs

Photo by Duo Victoria (C).


October 17th.

The Kosowiiks

The Swedish trick riders the Kosowiiks will perform in Circus Pinder –France- in their gala show. The show starts December 6th – December 14th. After the shows the Kosowiiks will be a part of the Heilbronner Christmas circus in Germany from December 18th – January 4th. 2004. The Kosowiiks has just ended the summer tour with circus Arena in Denmark.

The Kosowiiks - Sweden

October 15th.

Apeldoorn christmas circus

Calle Jernstrom from circus Finlandia in Findland are going to perform in the Dutch Christmas circus Apeldoorn. Calle Jernstrom is a fantastic juggler. The other artists are – Risks –Russian barre. – Pantheras – Rotating trapeze. – Trio James – Springboard. – David Micheletty – Liberty horses. – Maike and Jorg Probst last seen in a Scandinavia circus in 1999 in Benneweis. In Holland they will perform with their Baboons. Cube Triu – two very funny Russian clowns and winners of the Golden nose – The Charlie Rivel award in Denmark in 2002.

Cube Triu in Denmark 2002

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


October 14th.

Circus Berolina cancels tour in Denmark

The German circus Berolina has cancelled their visit in Kolding –Denmark. Berolina should have premiere tomorrow October 15th but because of trouble with the papers for the animals, they wasn’t aloud to take the animals into Denmark. Berolina will try next year to visit Denmark.


October 13th.

Hans Pedersen

Italian circus friends has informed circus Scandinavia that Hans Pedersen, performing with sea lions and penguins will perform in circus Europe in Liege for Christmas. The Danish artist couple , Hans and Vicky Pedersen has just finished their summer tour with the Danish circus Dannebrog.

Vicky and Hans Pedersens sea lions in Dannebrog 2003

Photo by circus Scandinavia (C).


October 12th.

Freddie Knie dead.

The altmeister in Circus Knie is dead after a long period of illness. Freddie was an expert in horse training and comes from a very old circus dynasty – Knie in Switzerland. Freddi became 83 years old.



Circus Baldoni tour on Faroe Islands.

The Danish circus Baldoni will be on tour on Froe islands from October 27th. until November 5th. They will visit 8 cities on the island. The program will be some of the artists from the Baldoni summer tour. The Barbie Family with Ernita and their spinning plate act. The Bro brothers will be there too with a cascadeur act . Debut for Thessa – wife to Director Baldoni in a skipping rope act.

Thessa and René Baldoni outside their new home

Picture by Circus Scandinavia. (C).


October 11th.

Boblinger circus festival

Boblinger circus festival has just ended and 2 artists from the Circus Arena 2003 summer tour won the first and second price. Number one was Catana the fantastic spring board artists. Second price took Ingo Steibner and his sea lions.


October 10th.

Circus Berolina in Denmark.

The huge German 3 ring Circus – Circus Berolina will travel over the border too Denmark and make 4 performances in Kolding. It is very rare that German circus visit Denmark because of the Danish law against wild animals in circus. Because of that can´t Berolina perform with their tiger and their Bears. But anyway Berolina can still line up a nice show and with lots of other animals. 24 camels, lots of horses and 7 elephants. So Berolina is worth a visit if you like circus.

Circus Berolina but without Tigers and bears

October 7th.

Eugen Altenburger sick.

Eugen Altenburger from the clown troupe the Chickys is at the moment out because of illness and not able to perform in the circus Krone German tour. Instead it is the reprise clown Jimmi Folco who is performing together with Brono Stutz in the Chickys mirror entrée. The Chickys are one of last remaining old fashion style clowns, they have been performing in Scandinavia many times over the years – Merano – Norway 1983, Zoo circus – Sweden in 1957 (Their first year together), Maximum in Sweden –98,99, Circus Scott – Sweden 1974, Circus Brazil Jack Sweden in 96 but mostly in circus Benneweis - Denmark where they performed in 9 seasons 71,78,79,84,89,92,93,94,95. The last 3 seasons they have performed in Circus Krone in Germany. Circus Scandinavia wishes Eugen well very soon.


The Chickys in circus Krone - Germany in the 2002 season

October 4th.


Holliday Show in Denmark

As usual Circus Arena will perform  a week in Kolding Shopping mall. On the program this year will be Susanne Berdino with Arenas Drommedarys, Karl Ramwell – Juggler – he was a part of Arenas summer tour and at the moment performing on GreenLand. Lars Larna –Clown in circus Arena and ringmaster in circus BonBon.


Krenzola in the Circus Arena 2004 summer tour

The famous animal trainer Krenzola Jr. will be a part of the circus Arena summer tour 2004. Krenzola performs with a special mixed animal group including pigeons, dogs, cats and and an eagle. It is the question about the Danish authority will aloud Krenzola to perform with the eagle because he wasn’t in 1996 were he was performing with circus Benneweis. In Denmark you need a dispensation if you perform with wild animals. His father was performing in Benneweis in 1972 and 1979 with a similar act.



Siegfrid and Roy accident.

A serious accident happened yesterday when Roy Horn was attacked by his white tiger. The Tiger attacked him under a performance in The Mirage hotel and casino – Las Vegas. First the tiger bite him in the arm and he defended him self with a microphone. Secondly the tiger bite him in the throat and ran away with the famous magician. Roy horn was driven to a hospital where he was under surgery. His conditions are critical but he will survive - it will take a long time before he can perform again.



Christmas Circus.

Programs from different Christmas circuses are being released these days. Ono of those winter circuses is Stuttgart weihnachts. They have released a very strong program. Peres brothers at the moment on tour with circus Knie in Swizerland. Duo Manducas at the moment on their second tour with Circus Krone in Germany. Francesco the star of the last tour with circus Big Apple in USA. Francesco was a few years ago reprise clown in circus Benneweis – Denmark. For further information you can find a link on my link page.

Duo Manducas

Picture by Circus Scandinavia


Steen Pegani

Steen Pegani, a well-known Danish magician and magic dealer have been married. His wife – Bettina and Steen was married august 16th. Circus Scandinavia congratulates the new couple


October 3rd.

Chairs on Auction

Chairs from the circus building in Copenhagen, was a few days ago set on Auction and promised that the chairs was designed by the well known Danish designer Verner Panton. That is absolutely not the truth because Panton did not design those chairs but only decided what colour they should have.


 October 2nd.

Circus Charlies one man show on tour.


The small but nice circus Charlie will be on tour in a double program. The name on the tour is Charlie´s one-man circus and Charlito. Normally circus Charlie is a normal circus touring in Jutland-a part of Denmark but this tour will be in the surroundings of Copenhagen and only as a solo show. For more information please contact circus Charlie on Telephone 20200033 (Denmark only) or on their web page