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April 31st.

Great succes for Fumagalli

Great success for the Italian star clown "Fumagall" in Norway. Lots of nice reviews in the Norwegian papers for the star in Circus Arnardo. This season is the last in Scandinavia for this time after a tour with circus Scott in 2002 (Sweden) and Circus Benneweis in 2003 (Denmark).

Fumagalli in Benneweis 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2003


Cube triu in Tivoli Garden.

In Tivoli Gardens variety show in Copenhagen are at the moment a mix of variety show and stand-up comedians. One of the acts are the Russian clown troupe "Cube trio" Those two guys are extremely funny and they won the Golden nose award in 2002.

Cube triu in "Bakken" (amusement park) in 2002

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2002


April 30th.

Monthly magazine opdated with Circus Benneweis review - Here

April 29th.

Sea lions in BonBon land.

Once again this year there will be a sea lion show in BonBon land (Amusement park in Denmark). The two sea lions are trained and performed by the international well known Addie Jepsen. The 2 sea lions are trained through the winter time in Circus Arenas winter quarter in Slagelse together with two more animals. Circus Scandinavia will in August bring reportage about Addie and her very long career in  circus world wide.

One of 3 sea lions in the winter quarter this winter

Photo by circus Scandinavia (C). 2004


Nice days for Arena in Arhus.

Circus Arena has just finished their 6 days in Arhus –Denmark. They are very satisfied in Arena because of lots of spectators. Last year Arena was on another place than the usual and the days there wasn’t so well. Now they were back on the old place –Tangkrogen and there were almost sold out to all performances. Only Friday Monday and Tuesday it was possible to gain more tickets from the box office. Lots of circuses will visit Arhus and Tangkrogen this year. In a few days Circus Dannebrog will be at the same place and in July Circus Benneweis will be there too.

Circus Arena in Arhus 2004

Picture by circus Scandinavia (C) 2004


April 28th.

Circus Bonbon.

The Danish circus Skratt, touring in Sweden will change name to circus BonBon for the summer season and move to Denmark from June 12th. - August 8th. Circus BonBon will be at the same place in the Amusement park "BonBon land" and make 2 performances every day. The performance is free when you have paid for the entrance in BonBon land. The performance takes about 50 minutes and is in absolute international top class. The program is: Malthe Knapp – mono bike from Sweden and seen in circus Agora, Scott and Lisberg amusement park in 2003. René Caselly with elephants and horses. Mr Chap seen in Circus BonBon before in 2002 and in Circus Arena in 2001. Mr Chap does a boxing entrée similar to the act Don Christian does in Circus Merano (Norway) this year. Ljuba Gorbat Sjova in a hoola hoop entrée seen in 2003 in Circus Agora –Norway and Eddy Carello –Juggler. The Ring master will be Lars Larna.

Ljuba Gorbatsjova in Agora 2003

 Lars Larna - Ring master in Circus BonBon 2004

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004


Tent for sale

Circus Finlandia in Finland has their old tent for sale. The tent is a 35 meter tent including gradin. The tent has been used for 4 years and it is in blue colors. For more information please call circus Finlandia on phone +358 50 591 9891. Pictures of the tent can be seen on Finlandia web. http://www.fincirk.fi/



April 22nd.

Monthly web magazine opdated with Baldoni Review



Small movie clip from outside Circus Maximum

Only a few seconds to download



Contact page ready.

Can be found through the main menu or here


Link page opdated with:

New web from circus Wictoria in Sweden

Includes tour information and artists

Direct link here

April 19th.

New Email adress for circus Scandinavia


April 16th.

The circus Princess 2004.

The female only competition "The Circus Princess" will be held in Stocholm –Sweden in December. Circus Scandinavia will return with more information about this event later in 2004



New circus in Sweden

A new circus in Sweden is born. After a few years with economic trouble in Circus Scott, the owner Henry Bronett starts up a new circus. The premiere will be in July 2004 and the new will tour around in Sweden. The name will be Circus Bronett and the first tour will be named "Plus que du cirque –More than circus". The circus will be modern, as we know from circus Scott. There will be composed music to be played in the performance and Circus Scandinavia hopes that circus Bronett will keep the unique sound that we know from circus Scott.

The webmaster and Henry Bronett

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).

April 14th.

Complete Circo Massimo from 2000 - 2004 list ready here

with comments and pictures



Circus Scandinavia ready again

After a few weeks with lots of hard ware trouble, circus Scandinavia should be back in business. I’m very sorry for the 2000 readers Circus Scandinavia has every day that it took so long before the computer was ready again. So keep up for the next days and be ready for lot of new information about circus.



Circus Dannebrog 2004 review ready - here


April 8th.

Preview for April ready - here

April 6th.

Circus Massimo

The television produced circus Massimo are held in Rome in Italy from April 20th until April 30th. In a few years the production was made in Sweden by the two Bronett brothers but now it will continue in Italy. It will be held in the big tent from Circus Errani. The show will be produced by the Italian society Finzioni srl in cooperation with the casting manager Alessandro Serena.


In the show there will be more or less 60 acts from all over the world (Russia, China, Italy, Canada, ....), 3 Golden Clown , 1 Silver Clown (the great clown Jigalov) and a lot of animals: tigers, elephants, exotic animals, horses....