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The Holidays are over

After a 3 weeks holiday’s circus Scandinavia is back on the net. I have been in Croatia so see the Italian circus Moira Orfei and the review with lots of pictures can be seen in the August issue of Circus Scandinavia. A visit in the Austrian National circus will also be included in the same issue


June 25th.

Don Christian.

Don Christian – Reprise clown – at the moment on his 3rd. summer tour with circus Merano in Norway, will be a part of the German "Le Cook"(Hamburg) Christmas circus. The Christmas circus will start November 19th. And run until December 22nd  2004

Don Christian

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Princess Alexandra, Prince Joachim and their kids in Circus Arena.

Yesterday Princess Alexandra, Prince Joachim – their two kids Felix and Nicolai was in Circus Arena (DK). The performance was totally sold out and the income goes directly to kids with Cancer. Last year the performance was broadcasted by Danish national television but not this year. The performance took place in Mogeltonder where Princess Alexandra and Prince Joachim live in their castle "Schakkenborg". In the August monthly issue of Circus Scandinavia there will be a small serie of pictures of the event.


Princess Alexandra, Felix and Prince Joachim.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004

June 23rd.

Freddi Steckel and Alan Sulc.

Freddi Steckel and Isabellea Enoch (the Steckels) – (table act) will travel to Japan together with the young Star juggler Alan Sulc –winner of the silver clown in Monte Carlo circus festival earlier this year. They will perform in Shizuoha with the foot of the Fujiama mountain.


The young star juggler from Praha - Alan Sulc.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004

Freddi Steckel and Isabella Enoch

June 20th

Monthly magazine opdated with circus Charlie pictures - Link to magazine here


Malthe Knapp

The very talented mono bike artist Malthe Knapp is not with circus Skratt (Sweden) when circus is in Denmark. At the moment he is performing in Norway in an Amusmentpark. Malthe will continue with circus Skratt when they return to Sweden


June 19th.

Kevin Huesca

The very famous Italian ventriloquist Kevin Huesca has to tell the spectators, that’s his naughty parrot doll only smokes plastic cigarettes. That’s because of the very strict new Norwegian law against smoking in public. At the same time Kevin tells his doll that he must stop smoking because smoking is dangerous.

Kevin Huesca

Picture by circus Scandinavia (C) 2004


The Scholl family.

The Scholl family witch had a serious accident in 1996 in their wheel of death act do not perform this entrée anymore. The Scholl family has been in Scandinavia many times – Circus Arena, Merano and Madigan. Now Hardy and Alexander only perform horses and elephants in circus Vegas in Ireland. The last brother – Martin works in circus New York also in Ireland.



Skating Aratas

The skating Aratas will continue without their mamma - Carmen Arata. Carmen has decided not to continue her active career as an artist but work outside the ring. It is personal reasons behind the decision and now her sons and daughter – Vittorio, Billy and Emilia continue their act alone in the future.


Skating Aratas without Carmen in the furthure.

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Carmen Arata to the right

Picture by circus Scandinavia (C) 2004


June 18th.

Miller Benneweis.

Miller Bennewis is at the moment in Circus Dannebrog –Denmark. He is helping with the horses – his speciality when he was working in circus Benneweis and later in circus Arena. He has been away from circus in a few years but he has no plans at the moment to go back in the ring.

From the left - Miller Benneweis, Turid Beth Hansen (circus Merano), Freddi Steckel and the web master from Circus Scandinavia.

Picture by  Henriette Hansen (C) 2004


Where do they go after the show.

Where do all the artist go after the 2004 summer tour ? Flying Neves at the moment in Circus Arena will be in Boblinger Circus Festival from September 10th. – October 10th. Guidi Brothers (Circus Merano) will be at the same place with their Ikarian game act. Michells clowns, Louis Knie jr, (Circus Maximum) and the ventriloquist star in circus Merano Kevin Huesca will also be a part of this festival.

Guidi brothers, Flying Neves and Kevin Huesca will continue to Heilbronner Christmas circus 2004/2005.


Freddi Steckel (Table act) will go to Japan together with his partner Isabella Enoch from the Danish circus Dannebrog and Alan Sulc (Juggler) from circus Benneweis will g travel to Japan too.

Isabella Enoch and Freddi Steckel will travel to Japan

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

June 17th

SMS entertainment,

The German Artist agency SMS entertainment are ready with a new webpage. If you are looking for artists for your event, please take a look at this well organised page. You can find pictures of the artists and references as well. The page are not finished yet so visit the page frequently. The page is in German and English. Take a look here 



Review head page opdated - here


Circus Skratt/BonBon review opdated on monthly magazine for June 2004 - Here


Circus Renz – Berlin.

The German circus Renz –Berlin are at the moment on tour in Denmark, they have planned to stay in Denmark for the next 3 months. As Ring master they have hired the Danish lady - Janni Birk. Janni Birk speaks perfectly Danish and German and has performed in Circus Renz for many years ago. After the tour Circus Renz will continue to Sweden before they return to Berlin. Circus Scandinavia has seen the performance and will bring a review in a few days.

Circus Renz -Berlin entrance

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Circus Bonbon primiere.

Circus BonBon has started their season  in BonBon land amusement park south of Copenhagen June 12th. The premiere was in the old circus Althoff Jacobi tent and was for the first time in use after Circus Arena bought the circus in this winter. The tent has not been on tour in Sweden with circus Skratt, as the circus is called in Sweden. A few changes have been made in this short 1 hour performance. The fantastic Swedish mono bike artist – Malthe Knapp is not a part of circus BonBon and the juggler Eddy Carello are not there either. There will be a review from Circus BonBon in a few days on this page. Circus Skratt and Circus BonBon are the same circus with two different names. In Sweden it is called circus Skratt and with a full performance. In Denmark they are called circus BonBon and present a 1hour performance in the amusement park "BonBonland"

Ljuba Gorbatsjova in the circus BonBon land primiere June 12th.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia

June 10th

Monthly circus issue opdated with circus Charlie review - here


Norwegian circus Forum.

Norwegian circus Forum (circus friends) are invited in Circus Agora for the Oslo primiere June 18th. At 7 o’clock.


June 9th.


Monthly issue of circus Scandinavia opdated - link here


Circus Renz.

The German family circus Renz will not only perform in Aabenraa (Denmark) but they will continue further north and will perform in Aarhus from June 16th. – June 20th. The performance will be on the circus place "Tangkrogen". It will be the third circus on the same place in a very short time. First it was circus Arena and a few days later if was circus Dannebrog and in July it will be circus Benneweis. 4 circus on the same place on 4 months could be to much?


June 8th

Marina and Igor Markevich.

Marina and Igor Markevich are booked for Martin Hansons winter circus in the 2004/2005 season. The Markevich are at the moment on tour with the Danish circus Dannebrog until late September. The Markevich has many different entrées as we could see in Circus Brazil Jack in 2002 and in circus Merano in 2003. In the Martin Hansson show they will only perform with their dog act.

Igor Markevich in Circus Merano in 2003

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).


Circus Renz – Berlin

The German circus Renz has announced to cross the border to Denmark and perform in Aabenraa. From June 11th. Until June 13th. The performance includes 80 animals and a lot of other artists. Last year it was circus Berolina trying to settle down in Kolding but had to cancel caused by missing permit for the animals.



June 7th.

Web master takes the word opdated for June issue here


June 6th.

New designed web page for Circus Agora in Norway.

A very nice and new designed web page from circus Agora in Norway are released. Lots of information on the page including the current program and ticket info. It is possible to gain a kids club on the page with lots of advantages as reduced ticket prices for the whole family.

Circus Agora in 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).


Princess Alexandre and Prince Joachim

in Circus Arena.

The Royal Highness Princess Alexandre and family will again this year be hosting circus Arena in Mogeltonder – Denmark. Like in 2003 all the money from the performance will go to kids with cancer. The performance will be Tuesday 24th. At 7 o’clock. Circus Scandinavia will of cause be there and take lots of photos.

Circus Arena entrance  earlier this year.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia.



New animal law in Austria.

A new and very strict animal law are in force from January 1st. 2005 in Austria. From this date it is forbidden to perform with cage animals. Also animals like elephants, Rhinos and giraffes will not be seen performing in Austria anymore. It is the hardest animal law in Europe and it is a very hard stroke for circus in Austria. Circus Elfi Althof Jacobi has been animal free since 1996 and announced them selves as an animal free circus. That was a big mistake - it never became a good business and now they are closed. Other circus in Austria has been animal free the last years but in this season circus Louis Knie presents the Italian tiger trainer Rudy Alessandrini.

It is a big mistake to make laws there is so extensive against circus animals. Instead there should be laws for cage sizes, exercise and transportation time. If you remove the animals from circus and other public places there will soon be an end to the interest for animals – out of sight – out of mind and in the end, it will be difficult to put up any interest for their free brothers. But the people who made these kind of foolish laws can of cause sleep better after they have eaten industrial cattle, witch life has been a hell.

Kludsky - presenting  liberty horses - the only animal act in Althoff Jacobi in 2003

Picture by circus Scandinavia (C) 2003


Levade noble horse gala

Robert Bronetts Noble horse gala are at last in Sweden. After a primiere this winter in Copenhagen  -  tour in Denmark and Norway they are at last on tour in Sweden. Here are the dates for the Swedish tour.

Umeaa June 10th – 13 th. And again from 17th. – 20th.

Stocholm primiere September 2nd.

Gotenburg – primiere September 29th.

Malmo – primiere October 20th.

Info Anders Trodeson.

Robert Bronetts Lavede nobel horse gala.

Photos By ciccus Scandinavia.


June 1st.


Circus Scandinavia Monthly issue opdated with preview

Direct link here