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October 31st.

Work of René Irek added in Monthly circus Magazine here


Monthly magazine opdated - Here


Double face.

The Italian Diablo players and dancers are a part of the Cirque D´Hiver Roermond winter program. Double face was included in the Circus Benneweis summer program in 2002.



Grenoble Circus festival.

Lots of circus festivals this winter and one of them is Grenoble Circus festival. The festival is in two parts and runs from November 25th until November 28th. 2004. Lots of nice artists in this 2004 program. The very funny and absolutely different illusionist Eugene Sharmalowsky seen in circus Benneweis (Denmark) 2004. Tony Alexis last seen in Scandinavia in the 2002 season (also circus Benneweis). The high light in this performance (my opinion) is the high wire artists Castillas doing the seven men high pyramid.

The circus Band is Marcus Jaichner extremely well playing orchestra known from his work for circus Scott in Sweden.


Eugene Sharmalowsky

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


October 30th.

October  Magazine opdated with Photos -here

October 27th.

Los Quiros

One of the high wire artists in Los Quiros went 10 meters to the ground in their very dangerous act under the performance. Circus Scandinavia will be back in a few days with more details.


October 26th.

Circus D´Hiver Bouglione

The reprise clown – Francesco (Benneweis 2004), The high wire artists – Los Quiros (Benneweis 2004) - the Juggler Serge Percelli (circus Maximum 2004)  - Adriana Folco with her Elephant Baba (Merano 2004 and 2003) - The mixed Animal group presented by Krenzola Jr. (Circus Arena 2004) and Julia - dog dressage (Circus Arena 2004) are all in the "Bravo" performance at Cirque D´Hiver in Paris from 23 October until 6 March. There will be a break at the start of February for the Cirque du Demain festival. Los Quiros and Francesco will both return too Denmark for the Benneweis 2005 summer tour.



October 21st.

Susan Lacey in Monte Carlo circus festival.

Susan Lacey will take part of the Monte Carlo circus festival in January 2005. Susan is British born but based in USA. She is the mother of Alex and Martin jr., both of whom have won silver clowns in Monte Carlo for their cage acts.

Info: John Cooper



Warsaw Circus Festival.

The 9th Warsaw circus festival took place at the beginning of October in the big top of Circus Zaliewski.

Most of the winners were in the 2004 and 2003 season in Scandinavian circuses.

Gold awards:

Los Quiros – High wire    -    Circus Benneweis in 2004

Alan Sulc – Juggling               Circus Benneweis 2004 – Circus Merano 2003.


       Los Quiros                                                                  Alan Sulc

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2004 (C)


Silver awards:

Dosovy troupe – Springboard

Boytsov troupe – Russian barre.

Mr. Dalmatin – Dogs and ponies      Circus Benneweis 2004-Arnardo 2003-Maximum 2002.

Ingo Steibner – Sea lions                   Circus Merano 2004 – Circus Arena 2003

Mr. Dalmatin                                                 Ingo Steibner

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004(C).

Grand Prix price:

Susan Lacey - Tigers

Info John Cooper

October 19th.

Sonni Frankello

The very famous German Elephant trainer Sonni Frankello will start in the French Circus Arlette Gruss from January 2005. Bercause of that it will not be possible for Sonni and his elephants to perform in the Monarco circus festival 2005. The last 3 years Sonni has been working in the Danish circus Arena.

Sonni Frankello with Maler in the Arena 2004 season.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004(C).


Kim Kenneth.

The Danish world class illusionist Kim Kenneth will be a part of the French circus festival"Festival international du cirque de Massy France" from January 12th. – until January 16th. The Skating Aratas, seen in this year in Circus Arena and last year in Circus Merano, will be a part of the festival too. Kim Kenneth are on his last weeks in England where he is working in circus Billy Smart.

LeeAnn  (assistent and dancer)and Kim Kenneth.

Photo By circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).


Circus Mustang

The German circus Mustang –traveling every summer in Sweden, are once again in the Swedish media. This time their elephants ran away and trampled a private garden into dirt. It is the second time this year, that circus Mustang has to pay for the damage made by their elephants. Circus Mustang seems to be the bad guy among circus in Scandinavia and they are far away from the animal handling standard that we wish to have here.


October  18th.

Cato and Florin.

Lots of people from Denmark remember Cato and Florin, two individuals (clown and dog), from Circus Dannebrog 1990, Tivoli garden in Copenhagen 2001, Legoland in Denmark and in the clown festival in the amusement park "Bakken" (the Hill). When they performed with their funny dog act in Tivoli garden, the security in the entrance was so high that the dog was forced to have its own identity card.

Identity card to Tivoli garden in Copenhagen for the dogs.

Picture  by Cato and Florin



Clown pages.

Lots of picture of clowns are made of Circus Scandinavia the last years. Now it is possible to see them all. The last 3 pages are not made by circus Scandinavia (scary clowns) and a few others are collected on the internet or scanned from programmes. Direct link here


October 17th.

Fumagalli in Circus Krone

The Italian star clown Fumagalli will be a part of the German circus Krone winter program in February 2005. Fumagalli has been working in Scandinavia the last 3 summer seasons. This year in Circus Aranardo (Norway) last year in Circus Benneweis (Denmark) and in the 2002 season it was the Swedish people who had the pleasure to see this absolutely funny guy and his brother Darix. The Danish clown BonBon will be in Circus Krone for the December and January performances, where he will perform his comic badminton act together with his wife – Tiina.

Fumagalli in Benneweis 2003                                                                           The Danish clown  BonBon

Pictures by Circus Scandinavia 2003 and 2004 (C).



Enchede circus festival.

The Enchede circus festival includes a lot of artists from the Scandinavian summer season. The festival runs from December 22nd. Until December 29th.

The artists are. Duo Garcia in their air rocket (circus Finlandia 2004), Shmaloskiy with his comic animal illusion act (Circus Benneweis 2004). Ingo Stiebner – Sea lions (Circus Merano 2004). Jarda Ross – Illusions . Kirasoyan – Perch (Circus Merano 2004). Roger Mettin – Dogs (Circus Finlandia 2004). Duo Mak – trapeze. Rossi hochegger – comic horse act (Circus Finlandia 2004). Troupe Kuskov – Antipode on motor bikes. Clown André (Circus Scott 2003). Group of Risks – Russian barre.



Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


October 13th.

Duo Victorias

Duo Victoria will be in Circus Gasser Olympia for the winter season. They have just ended their summer tour with the Swedish circus Wictoria . Duo Victoria could be seen a few years ago in a Danish television documentary where they worked in circus Dannebrog.

Visit Duo Victorias homepage - just click the banner below



Artists in Scandinavia 2004

Almost complete list of artists working in Scandinavia in the summer 2004.





Toto Chabry and company.

The very well known Belgium clown Toto Chabry will be a part of the Monte Carlo circus Festival in 2005. Toto is well known in Scandinavia where he has been in circus Benneweis several times and in this summer he was apart of the clown Festival in Copenhagen.



Monte Carlo circus festival 2005

Monte Carlo circus festival will be held from January 20th – January 28th. 2005. All the winners from 1974 - 2004 can be seen here on circus Scandinavia – link here



October 8th.

New artists links added - here

October 7th.

October Magazine opdated with review from the DVD "Ringside" - here


October  magazine opdated with webmasters words - here


Program for Arena winter circus in Kolding.

The program for the 4 days Arena performances in Kolding shopping mall.

Suzanne Berdino  -  ponys

Carsten Berdino  -  Border collies

Oliver Berdino  –  Juggler

Stephanie and Charmaine Berdino  –  Hoola hop.

Duo Ruliesko – Roller-skates and aerial ring

There will be 3 performances every day from October 11th. Until October 14th.

Circus Arena has just returned from Greenland with performances in 7 towns. Arena reports that it has been a very successful tour



October 6th.

Video and DVD

In a few weeks it will be possible to buy and exchange circus videos and DVD on this page. At the moment I´m working on clearing the circumstances with the copy right on several titles from the world of circus. Lots of other circus Videos and DVDs are used and from my own collection of doubles. Those items can be exchanged for other Videos/DVD that I don’t have in my private collection.


October 4th.

Lots of new links in the artist link page - Symbiose, Yasmine Smart, The Simet and many more.

Please enter the link page here



October 3rd.

Cirque du Soleil in London

A great opportunity for cirque du Soleil fans to see the"Drailon" performance in London, from January 6th until January 30th. 2005 The performance will take place in Royal Albert hall in the city of London. Ticket and hotel bookings are offered from "Premiere ticket" in the UK. It is easy and very cheap to gain direct to London - plane tickets from most Scandinavian airports. Contact Premier – Ticket on email at this address :



October 2nd.

Circus Scandinavia monthly magazine preview opdated here


October 1st.

The Jasters.

The fantastic crossbow and knife artists from Italy –the Jasters will be in circus Knie in their 2006 season. (read the review from Moira Orfei in the September magazine)It is my opinion is, that the Jasters are the best crossbow artists in Europe. They were a part of Circus Arrnardo in 1999 and have been in Circus Moira Orfei for a couple of years with a short break in the Circus Krone winter program last year in Germany. More Italian artist will be in Knie in the comming 2005 program – the Monte Carlo gold winners Maycol and Guido Errani from the great Family circus in Italy (Circus Errani) will be a part of the performance. The two Errani brothers do an absolute most fantastic Ikarian game act seen in many years. Together with those 2 Italian guys will Fumagali be there too. It seems to be a very strong performance for circus Knie in 2005. info  Italian circus fans


Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Errani brothers

Picture by  Italian circus fans


New animal law in Belgium

New animal law in Belgium means that horses must have at least 10` meters for every horse, 12 ` meters for every Lion/tiger and 35`meters for every elephant.  Info from Italian circus fans