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The Scandinavian circus page number one

October 2003

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Lots of pictures from the 2003 season.

Pics here

Fish - Circus Maximum 2003 - one of many many pictures from the 2003 season

Picture by Circus Scandinavia.(C)


Circus history part II

The second part of Norwgian circus History

By Turid Beth Hansen

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Circus Scandinavia

looks back at the 2003 summer season.

We are looking on all the Scandinavian circus.

Artists waiting - ready to go in the ring - Circus Skratt - 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


List of all Norwegian circus

From 1900 until now.


Circus Agora - one of Norways few circuses - See the complete list of circus from 1900 - 2003

Photo By Circus Scandinavia (C)



Circus Scandinavia opdates the clown page

So please look forward to a lot of new clown pictures.


Lots of new clown pics from the 2003 season

Photo By circus Scandinavia(C)

What about the animals

Is it cruel to have animals in a circus

and will they continue to be a part of circus ?

Steven Petersens sea Lions

Will they be a part of the circus in the future ?

Do you like Magic ?

Circus Scandinavia takes a look at the dealers in this buisness.


Steen Pegani - One of many magic dealers in Scandinavia

Who is cheapest, best and much more