Scary Clowns.

There is a lot of pages on the web conserning scary clowns.

I have collectet a few pictures and some links to scary clown webs on the net.

Have fun......

The circus is comming to town.

Six words that send shivers through every one of us....

Thats right, lock your doors and protect your kids....The scary freakinī clowns are comming !!! " when will they learn it's not cute and funny any more ? Times have changed. We no longer appreciate their slapstick humor and whistle-voiced way of communication" said Tom Parson, President of SYTFCC (show your true face cowardly clown).

Parents take their kids to the circus because they want to see cute animals and death defying stunts. Little do these children know that lurking behind the velvet curtains are the evil, comedic spawn of satan. "Dozens of big shoed, red-haired, suspender wearing clowns waiting to throw buckets full of confetti. They ride around on bikes honking their noses and picking on the shorter clowns like some kind of 60's biker gang. Sometimes even placing the smaller clowns into cannons. Kids find all this very frightening. The clowns pile out of a car, one after another. Each one more frightening than the last. It's like a nightmare you can't wake up from....And if not for the loud hypnotic clown music played over the speakers, you could hear most of the audience crying.


The make up is what frightens me the most, it reminds me of criminals trying to disguise themselves. I'm telling you, they have something to hide. I woulden't be surprised if most of them had warrants for their arrest.

All clowns should be escorted to the city limits and told "never to show up their ugly faces in any town again".

Article found on the internet. I surdenly not hope that this the puplic opinion ??


Take a look at those pictures found on the "net"

Oh Yes !  those clowns are scary.

If this is the standard I would surdenly reconsider my opinion about clowns


Are those clowns  not  enough ?

Try the links  or try Scary clowns Part II

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