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September 2002

Clown festival 

In Denmark.

With special guests stars

World Famous

The Rastellis

Read the review from the clown Galla.

For the collectors

This time we are gonna have a closer look at

Programs from


The legendary Clowns

The Rastellis

Have been on a short visit in Copenhagen.

Including the 78 year old Alfredo.

Read the story and look at the pictures.

She's gambling with her life.

Read the old newspaper article

from 1954

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Skandinavien Language only

I have been in circus again

Read the reviews for:

Circus Arnardo


Circus Merano

10 September

TheThere is a war between the union for musicians and all the Danish Circus


Read more here (Danish only)

Comming 1 September.

Performance Pictures


Circus Benneweis

Circus Dannebrog

Circus Arena

Circus Arnardo

Circus Merano

Circus Krone

all pictures fresh from the camera.

New pictures every day in September.

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Circus Merano from Norway

are closing because of a stupid political suggestion.

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