Take in the laundry and lock up the chickens

Because Circus are coming to town.


Congratulations Norway with the government’s new suggestion regarding transportation with circus animals. Of cause the Norwegian circus horses know that they are something special, because the new law is only for animals from countries far away.


To protect sudden animals for the long transportation the bright Norwegian government has suggested this new law, but only for some animals. That’s is very smart, because here is a fantastic chance to hit Circus alone and not other animal transportation organizations. The goal is exactly to hit circus and this is not special for Norway, it happens every day all over the world. This is because of the circus people’s way of living and their independent business.


And now the government in Norway got a real brain damage. This new law doesn’t hit any zoo’s or other public exhibition. If the law was made to protect see lions, Elephants or other animals in capture it would have been easy to make such a law but not without being a problem for others than circus. What about animals from farms, chickens in small caves or horses there are been driving around for sports competitions, horses standing in there boxes on riding schools for days. Here fits the law again, because the new suggestion only regards animals from countries far away from Scandinavia and that means Elephants.


It means again that finer culture can continue as always horse back riding are still legal and the transportation are of cause not cruel to these animals it is only cruel if there is written "CIRCUS" on the side of the wagon. Zoo’s can continue with see lions show because it is not against the law to perform with these animals it is only the transportation there is illegal – very smart.


If the opinion is, that it is cruel to have animals in capture so do something about it, Start with animals in small caves in private homes, hamsters, Canaries, parrots, close the Zoo’s . The problem is when we don’t know about these animals anymore we don’t care about them.


Yes of cause animals shall be treated right and it is not always what happens but it is not circus there is the bad guy. Most of the circus in the world do treat animals the way they should be treated and those very few there don’t should of cause be banned. Give the circus and trainers license to have different animals and if they can’t find out how to behave then take away the license again. That should keep the bad guys out of business.


So Congratulations Norway with this new imitative, there is a good chance that more than one circus are going to close.


Circus Merano are closing because of a new law in Norway