New season started.

A new circus season is started and most circuses here are now on the road. Therefore this issue of circus Scandinavia will include 5 reviews – 4 from Denmark and 1 from Sweden. A single article about the circus Museum in Denmark is prepared and there will be a few pictures and the story behind the museum and how to find it. This article will be added in the late April.


The reviews will be added a few days after the premieres and a picture page from the performance a few days later.


Two DVD´s on their way from Circus Scandinavia – the first one was promised months ago (Around circus) but the quality was not good enough. Now a part of the DVD is recorded again and much more material added. The running time on this DVD will be more then 50 min and will include material from Circus Arli, Brazil Jack, Merano, Arnardo, Maximum, Dannebrog, Benneweis, Arena, Baldoni, Roncalli, Billy Smarts. There will be extra material on the DVD as the Arena winter quarter commercial made for circus Arena and hundreds of pictures from the performances inside the tent.


DVD 2 will be released in August and is a behind the scene in circus Arena. The DVD turns back time and follow the preparation for the 2006 season – Circus under water. We are back stage in circus Arena and behind the scenes to the premiere. A few clips from the performance is added and a interview with the Danish circus King – Benny Berdino. More details about this project later this year.


Enjoy the April issue - Web master circus Scandinavia