Now it is summer and all the circus companies are on the road. Lots of nice performances in a very high quality this year for Scandinavia. And yes the quality in Scandinavia is very high. Im travelling a lot in Europe to see circus and the Scandinavian standard are very high compared to similar countries in Europe. Not only the performance but also the surroundings and the material are in a high class here in the north. So the Scandinavian people can be proud of their circuses and satisfied with artists from the best of the best.

There is no complains from circus in Scandinavia in these years and there is reported full tents from almost all corners in Scandinavia. That is of cause nice to hear but it is not the case in many other countries in Europe, where a few circuses are closed. It is always sad to hear and I will hope that the future will bring better times for circus in those corners, where the difficult times are threading the life for many families.

This month is a little shorter than normal issues and at the same times it is delayed. Sorry about that.

Enjoy the May issue.

Kenneth Web master.